Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where Are All the Good Blogs?

It's been awhile since I've posted and althoughI have no pictures of my current art journal project to share with you, I was compelled to ask this...where are all the good blogs?! You know the ones that actually say things that are profound or funny or interesting?! You can't really do specific searches on this site...or so it seems to me. All you can do is scroll through blogs by hitting the next button over and over again and your reward for this tedium is thousands of blogs that are mere scrapbooks of people's kids, family gatherings and the occasional Bible thumper sermon! Now, don't get me wrong, I certainly don't think MY blog is any better but I usually only post unless I have something to share or something possibly interesting to say and usually neither are about me....entirely. For instance, if I share an art project, maybe it will inspire someone. If I share my opinion about a political/religious issue, maybe someone will consider THEIR opinion or they'll respond to mine. Even if I just least I'm saying something!

I suppose family orientated bloggers feel that their kids and their rainbows-n-unicorns type of life is inspiring least, to them. And as much as I think that's wonderful and fantabulous, I want to vomit at how lame it is! Yes, I have a son and yes I have many pictures of him. I've even created a video of my son using the
oh-so-typical sappy music of which I've invited family to view! So, I DO get it! I even post pictures of my family on Facebook but I would never take the time to blog about the day to day activities of my kids as if it were interesting. I mean if little Johnny had to be rushed to the ER or had some profound issue at school that I think other parents should know about then okay THAT'S interesting but most of these blogs are like looking at family photo albums.

I think pics of kids and family gatherings should be for personal venues where your family can view them while public blogs should be more about topics that can affect other people in some way. If you have a great topic for a post that somehow includes your family then by all means use that but have a topic other than documenting your family!!!!

I want to know; your thoughts about life, what you're mad or happy about, what you do creatively that may inspire me. I want to know you not just your role in your family.

So there's my rant. I'll post again when I have pictures of my art journal OR when I have actually say. It may be a while!


  1. My blogs are where l put my art and my photo images. I put my heart into my art and my images. I hope you can see that when and if you go and see them..l hope. I do understand what you atre saying nd have felt like this often.
    My daily photo is
    my Art/Craft blog is http;//
    I hope you will see that my art is my life and my life is my artxxhope that doesn't sound too soft!!!!!cxlynda

  2. Definitely not too soft, Lynda!...;) Thanx for sharing!