Sunday, March 28, 2010

America Without Unions...the Result of Republican Thinking

I have visited many debates regarding the current economic downfall and have been shocked by the amount of people who blame UAW workers for it. They mistakenly believe that the economic spiral happened because union workers demanded to keep their high wages causing big companies (like the Big 3 Auto companies)to collapse. They blame poor, impulsive and/or flagrant financial decisions on the middle class (who were primarily union workers) for buying homes, cars etc. that they truly couldn't afford ignoring the fact that banks and big business readily and greedily took advantage. While it's true that many unhealthy financial decisions were made on the part of middle class individuals and that their involvement with their own crumbling unions was lacking at best, the true cause of these issues STILL remains largely unnoticed or unmentioned by those who continue to call themselves Republicans.

What we all have to decide is what's worse for our country....Big Business ruling our lives or Government. Sadly, it will always be one entity or the other until we rehaul the whole economic system. After seeing and experiencing the elitism, total abandonement of safety procedures and downright cruelity placed on the American worker by White Collared Managers Supervisors and CEOs, I can say with 100% surety that when Big Business is left to it's own devices, greed and power will ALWAYS FAR outweigh any benefit from having a free market. We are WAY better off with a government that will oversee things like outsourcing, hiring illegal aliens and the obvious corporate greed. I'm alarmed that it's still necessary to point out that a Republican administration is NOT that government.

The Republican reaction to Health Care Reform is a perfect example of their ignorance or unwilligness to place blame where it belongs...on big business i.e health insurance companies who, much like the banks, have owned us for generations! They would rather attack the symptoms of the problem like protecting doctors from lawsuits and focusing on fraudulant welfare claims than doing something about an actual cure...which can only come by regulating health care and insurance companies so, at least, we can begin to bring an end to inflated healthcare costs and corporate greed!

Republicans don't see the fact that without the unions the middle class wouldn't exist and most big companies wouldn't be....well...big.

Is it too much to ask for a wage that allows one to be financially secure based on the cost of living in THIS country while CEOs cry about a 1 million dollar shortage in their bonuses?!?....NOT their wages their BONUSES!?!??? Why do Republicans refuse to consider that big business, under a Republican administration, has all the power it needs to hire illegal aliens, outsource jobs and destroy the middle class completely and, more importantly, why don't they see that THAT HAS happened already? I guess it's all about perspective. From their point of view, everyone in this country has the same opportunity to go to college and be successful and anyone who doesn't do that is just lazy or making excuses.

And if you're not a judgmental elitist Republican....then you're probably a religious fanatic Republican. A Republican friend of mine told me that she will always vote Republican for the sole purpose of keeping a government in place that is against abortion. And I wouldn't even say that she's a religious fanatic nor even practicing her religion so imagine the leanings of those who ARE fanatics! My response to that is to ask how abortion could even make the list of issues that our country urgently needs to get solved? And I ask the same to those against gay marriage and gays in the military. The whole country is teetering on economic collapse and there are people...Republicans....placing their religious views over real problems!?!?! Could this be why there's SUPPOSED TO BE a seperation between church and state??? Is it possible that religious views are also the reason that Republicans continue to unfairly harp on Obabma's nationality and publicly disrespect his Presidency in ways FAR MORE severe than the Bush bashing they themselves objected to especially for a President during wartime?

Sure, we can look back and a Democrat may say Reagan did some good things and a Republican may point out that it was Clinton who started NAFTA but that's the past. We can see the successes and failures of our past administrations whether Democratic or Republican...especially the very last one....can't we?

It seems to me that Republicans have a very judgmental view of their own fellow countrymen whether for religious differences or due to an elitist hatred towards the poor. It's very easy to fall into this mindset when you're working your ass off and paying tons of taxes into governmental assistance for, who seems to you, as just the lazy and/or criminal. The criminal being, for example, maybe the one who is fraudulantly collecting welfare. The lazy being, very possibly, the guy working next to you everyday on the shop floor who gets away with hardly working at all! Or maybe you see all the young girls on the tawdry morning shows who are 12 years old and pregnant or the couples who have 10 kids and are on welfare. All of that surely is enough to make one think more along Republican lines especially if they have strong religious views too because then it's not only the poor and the criminal who are bothersome but ALL the heathens who don't believe as they do. The unifying factor of this type of thinking is that it's based on prejudism...aka false judgment, hate and worse....fear! None of those factors can ever produce logical decision making. In the words of JFK, "The only thing to fear is fear itself!"

Sure, there ARE lazy and criminal people whose actions SHOULD BE addressed but do THEY really cause the problem and does their actions or inactions outweigh that of the mammoth power and greed of banks, big business and even the government?

It's time to stop pointing at each other and start looking at the entities that are dividing us. I don't want people to go to work everyday only to be exposed to unsafe working conditions, intimidation to keep work related injuries secret, getting overworked and underpaid and outsourcing. As I write this, there are people being overlooked for jobs based solely on the fact that they are an ex Union member. There IS, in fact, a stigma against ex union workers and it is a serious act of discrimination that I think needs to be exposed. People are being told, myself included, not to even mention unions or their job could be threatened!

So, you decide. Do you approve of the illegal retaliation by Republicans that we've seen on the news against Democrates since losing their Health Reform battle? Do you think that behavior along with voting for religious views and nothing else is fanatical? And do you think people, including your own children, will have a safe and fair work environment as a means to earn a decent living? Can that truly happen with Big Business left unchecked? Or will you continue to assume that YOUR children and the children of your fellow Republicans have no worries because THEY'LL be college educated and, therefore, the slave drivers as opposed to the slaves. Keep thinking and acting on the every-man-for-himself-assumptions and this country will never be able to stand up again. United we stand, divided we fall!

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  1. Hi Cuz!
    Your blog made me wonder about our political parties, and how utterly 'mucked up' they are. I doubt that ANYONE is 100% Democrat or Republican. I've always been somewhere between the two, but I thought that I was more of a Republican. When I read your blog I agreed with almost everything you stated, except that where you used the word "Republican", I would've used the word, "Democrat". Haha!
    I laugh, but really, I see this ALL THE TIME. I truly believe that the majority of US citizens agree on these issues, no matter what party they claim.
    Our politicians are killing our country. Every decent thing that they accomplish is undermined by 'add ons'... (the favors & loop-holes that they add onto their original package in order to bribe their peers to vote for it).
    The politicians & buisnessmen are so greedy and power hungry, it makes me sick. Actually, it makes EVERYBODY sick... well, everyone but the politicians & buisnessmen anyway.
    It's time for a major political overhaul. I have no clue how it's going to happen, but I know the citizens of this country are feeling very betrayed by our politicians and big buisnesmen. The rich are definitely getting richer, and the poor are definitely getting poorer.
    I luv you cuz! Suzie