Friday, February 5, 2010

A Peace Movement You Should Know About....Zeitgeist!

There's a humanist movement going on right now that I want to promote. It started with a little video called Zeitgeist which mostly dealt with debunking religion showing its astrological context as well as showing the repetitive reuse of gods. I implore you to watch all 12 parts.

Then they added to it and got more into the economy and all of its puppet masters. Watch all 5 parts of this. Trust me it's VERY current....


Now they're promoting their Zday which is about a thing they call the Venus Project. You can go to their website at to learn more about it and please watch this little promo. If you agree with the sentiments, and I hope you do, then please consider joining.


  1. Wow--it's such a shame that world leaders do not get this....who is the guy at the end with the hat? I want to watch his whole speech.

  2. Not sure about the guy in the hat but I will find out!