Saturday, September 3, 2011

Latest Experiments with Sculpey-n-papier Mache'

Thought I would share my latest experiments. I started these dolls and dragon a few months ago and have yet to get back to them. The dolls were my first attempt at Sculpey faces-n-hands so don't laugh at me. I know the girl is kinda masculine. Her face is too long and chin too wide but she is my first so I thought...I must finish her. I named her "Eve". She has the softest hair (yarn) EVER which I found at Jo-Anne's. Don't remember what's it's called....Mohair I think? Anyway, I HAD to have it once I touched it. Cheap and perfectly soft hair...Excellent! Yes, it's kinda frizzy but so what! She has beads from a pair of earrings my mom gave me years ago but one of them broke. I've kept them for a long time knowing I would use them. They have a moon shape made of my favorite shell....abolone and the beads hung from a moon shape. The one moon that is still in tact may become a necklace for her to match her head dress.

The wizard with the shiney, stealy eyes was going to go with the dragon but he is too big and makes the dragon appear small. I discovered that I can't do dolls as small as would be needed for this scale of dragon. He has wool stuffing for hair and a fabulously proud smile cuz he was, initially, meant to be looking at his friend the dragon that he had just summoned ;)

The dragon needs a lot of work and was mostly created to experiment with textured paper. I thought if I can get textured paper to give me the affect of scales for my papier mache' dragons....awesome! I think it may have worked but I won't know for sure untill I paint him. I will probably change a lot on the dragon before it's over. I also used light moulding compound to fill in the cracks. The textured paper is pretty thick so I knew there'd be cracks and decided to experiment with the compound at the same time. The compound takes FOREVER to dry.

As far as the dolls bodies...I haven't decided yet. Give me your ideas!


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  1. Oh happy day! Opened my Google Reader and there in bold it said "Julz - new post"! I am blown away that you did these with Sculpy. Seems that would be so much harder to work with. Your hands are amazing and the textures you achieve inspiring. The pose on the dragon? Wow!